About Me

I’m Anna Vogt. A friend once told me that it’s a name with integrity: the same coming as going. I think I’ll claim that.

I recently graduated with what I like to call my Masters Degree of Real Life: two years living and working in the community of Mampujan on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia with Mennonite Central Committee‘s Seed Program. I then transitioned to the capital of Colombia, Bogota, where I continued to work with MCC, as the Latin American advocacy and context analyst, out of the office of partner Justapaz.

I more recently relocated to Ottawa, where I work in advocacy and peacemaking with MCC.

All opinions expressed in this blog are mine.

This space is a reflection on a life lived in translation. Everything I experience, from language, to culture, to food, to society, to relationships, to politics, is interpreted through the lenses of who I am- as a Canadian/Colombian resident, as a woman, as a human being. The more I experience, however, the more my perspective changes and the translation shifts. Through it all, I seek to find the beauty, the grace and the absurd inherent in the everyday moments of life.

I also love coffee and llamas.

9 comments on “About Me”

  1. Hi Anna, I’d like to know more about what you did/are doing…I live in Valledupar but hail from New Zealand, can I contact you?
    @kiwiprofesor on twitter

  2. Nice to find your blog. I’m an ALMOST 60 y.o. from Chicago. I spend most of my year in a pueblo just south of Cali with my husband, Orlando. I’m a photographer. I love Colombian coffee but most of the llamas I have met are real jerks. (That’s not the word a Chicagoan would use but you get the idea.)

  3. Anna–Love your blog! What a beautiful letter testifying to hope for a future of peace you have published from the youth of Montes de María! Thank you so much. Abrazos.

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