About Me

I’m Anna Vogt. A friend once told me that it’s a name with integrity: the same coming as going. I think I’ll claim that.

I recently graduated with what I like to call my Masters Degree of Real Life: two years living and working in the community of Mampujan on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia with Mennonite Central Committee‘s Seed Program.

I have since transitioned to the capital of Colombia, Bogota, where I continue to work with MCC, as the Latin American advocacy and context analyst, out of the office of partner Justapaz. All opinions expressed in this blog, however, are mine.

This space is a reflection on a life lived in translation. Everything I experience, from language, to culture, to food, to society, to relationships, to politics, is interpreted through the lenses of who I am- as a Canadian/Colombian resident, as a woman, as a human being. The more I experience, however, the more my perspective changes and the translation shifts. Through it all, I seek to find the beauty, the grace and the absurd inherent in the everyday moments of life.

I also love coffee and llamas.

9 comments on “About Me”

  1. Hi Anna, I’d like to know more about what you did/are doing…I live in Valledupar but hail from New Zealand, can I contact you?
    @kiwiprofesor on twitter

  2. Nice to find your blog. I’m an ALMOST 60 y.o. from Chicago. I spend most of my year in a pueblo just south of Cali with my husband, Orlando. I’m a photographer. I love Colombian coffee but most of the llamas I have met are real jerks. (That’s not the word a Chicagoan would use but you get the idea.)

  3. Anna–Love your blog! What a beautiful letter testifying to hope for a future of peace you have published from the youth of Montes de María! Thank you so much. Abrazos.

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