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To Measure Tenderness Towards the Earth

Imagine a machine that measures tenderness towards the earth.  Perhaps it is a satellite sent from a distant planet, measuring oil wells against gardening, carbon in the atmosphere, minerals left in the ground, dinosaur bones still buried.  To measure tenderness may be spreadsheets and adding machines, the legal tender to which we owe our existence.

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May Day in Bogota

International Worker’s Day, or May Day, is a national holiday in Colombia. Across the country, workers and unions march to celebrate workers’ rights, and the long struggle of workers all over the world for dignified working conditions, especially in the late 19th century: “Eight hours to work, eight hours to sleep, eight hours for what

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  We are entitled to our own Definitions of the worlds We have in common:   Earth          house          (stay) Water         well             (carry) Fire             stove           (tend) Air              song             (sigh) Ether          dream         (die)   And try out new combinations With key words Unlocking power:   House on fire     sing!                   Stove under water    stay,                   Earth filled

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