List: A Final Semester….

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1. Goes by very, very quickly. Being sad at the end is a giant positive!
2. Takes place in an enormous house. A mansion, really.
3. Involves many falafels.
4. Winter. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike winter?
5. Friends! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my friends?
6. Getting to preach at the Village. This was a pure gift.
7. Advocacy. On the hill. NBD.
8. Sarcasm. I love sarcasm.
9. Attending protests for Arab democracy! I also love protests.
10. Hope Equals reunion.
11. My sister got married!
12. I got a new brother!
13. Remembering that the need to grow up is a reality no matter what stage of life you are in.
14. Coffee!
15. Remembering the joy of drinking coffee, not to stay awake because of eternal stress, but because I love coffee. In other words, I’m so thankful this was not a stressful final semester. I don’t do stress well. So I thrived this semester.
16. Ottawa NGOs. They are awesome.
17. Montreal. Both times.
18. Golden Lake reserve and cultural centre. Wisdom is here.
19. Awkward vegetarian food groups.
20. Documentary night. Melodi’s popcorn.
21. Ends with a greyhound ride across Canada! I never knew Ontario was that big…

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