School of the America’s Interventions Map

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School of the Americas Watch has published an unbelievable map of American interventions in Central and South America over the past hundred years. Actually seeing a visual representation is stunning. I’m interested in learning more about Canadian interventions in this region. I know many of our companies are operating in the area, but how has our government been involved in supporting military action and interventions? (Looking at this map and hearing the stories of the negative impact should stop people cold in their tracks from supporting Canadian military bases around the world. Yikes!)

Soon, I will be experiencing this context for myself. Less then a week! However, this brings up many questions about forming relationships and working with people. For instance, how have these interventions, whether military or otherwise, shaped people’s perception of who I am? How do I work to represent something different or at least convince people that I do, while still acknowledging that much of what I have has come at the expenses and repression of others? What does transnational solidarity look like in this context?

Hopefully at the end of my two years, I will have lived experiences to share about these questions. I don’t think I’ll have all the answers, but I’m hoping my questions will at least be deeper and more informed. Stay along for the journey!

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