Come to Colombia!


Here’s an exciting opportunity for you all!

The SEED program consists of three different aspects: reflection/education, service and advocacy. As part of the advocacy component, we are in the planning stages of organizing a special delegation of our families and friends to come to Colombia and see for themselves the work of MCC here in Colombia as well as the connections between North American policies and Colombia. The trip would consist of a learning tour of many of the locations where we are working, starting in Bogota, travelling to the city of Medellin and ending with a trip to four communities on the coast, including Mampujan, where I am located. If anyone would like, I’m sure it would be possible to stay longer and hang out with me for a while!

We are still working out details, based on interest, but the trip will most likely be for two weeks towards the end of next summer, 2012. Probable costs, which will cover all lodging, transportation, and food within Colombia, will be around $1000-1500. This does not include airfare to Colombia, but everything else is included.

I think this trip will be an amazing experience to not only see the beauty of the country that few tourists get an opportunity to view, but also a chance to be inspired and challenged by the amazing peace and development work being done by different organizations, including churches, and people all around the country. Plus, I would love to see all of you!

Please let me know if you would potentially be interested. I’m not asking for a commitment, but rather an expression of interest. We are still in the preliminary planning stages and are trying to gain a rough estimation of possible participants.

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