Dreams and Realities of Mampuján, the Lego Version

Displacement and ruins of Old Mampujan
Promises of reparations and other laws for recovery of human rights.
Palm oil factory and globalization, described as buying massive amounts of land and contributing to food insecurity, with the help of illegal armed groups.
Money and resources taken from the community by palm oil plantations.
The government, which remains very isolated from the community.
Community and grassroots organizations
Armed groups involved in politics
Community leaders
The local church
Vision of the future, including the rebuilding of Mampujan, complete with schools, houses, plaza and cultural and health centres.
Mampujan, and the visions of six other communities involved in this two day workshop, showing the connections between the different communities.
Leaders and Lego experts of Mampujan

(post to come: non-violent direction action and Mampujan. Or, why we are marching 100 km to Cartagena on Dec 12)

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