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Language Vulnerability (you try saying Chiquinquira)

I just came back from a fabulous ladies weekend in Boyaca. We found a cabin in the mountains and laughed, ate and almost blew ourselves up trying to light the propane hot water heater. On the bus ride there, passing through  Chiquinquira to Tinjaca, I lisented to Brene Brown on On Being, reflecting on the

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Letter from a Colombian Jail

Español Prison missives, authored by Saint Paul to Martin Luther King Jr, have power. When the normal liberties of life have been stripped away, all that remains is the humble authority of conviction and the truth of an unbreakable spirit. From his maximum security prison, where he spent the first month sleeping on the cement

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Imagine Saying No

Español Imagine that you are an 18 year old young man. Imagine that for your whole life you have grown up in a country that promotes violence. There are knights waving flags in your Sunday school classroom. Billboards proclaim the glory of becoming a national hero. You know that when you reach the age of

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