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On street corners and under shade trees, functionaries from  Bogota held court almost everyday in Mampujan. Dressed in vests proclaiming their identity as members of the Unidad de Victimas, or the Organization of the American States, or the Sena or universities or whatever, they passed out attendance sheets and lectured the community on how to

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Fat Dog, Skinny Dog

“Even the dogs are fatter here!” exclaimed a member of a delegation over the weekend as we walked down the Parkway, my neighbourhood. We had just returned from visiting a couple of projects in Soacha, a municipality to the south of the city. Skinny, flea-covered dogs run wild everywhere in a community made up mainly of

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The Chaos, the Grace and the Just Plain Weird: Normal life in Mampuján.

As I prepare to leave in just under a month (yikes!), I am trying to enjoy, or at least recognize, the frantic chaos, the moments of grace, and the just plain weird that encapsulate this community. Here are some examples: Frantic Chaos: Mampuján is generally in a state of chaos, but this week has been

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