Hasta Luegito Mampujan


The last few days have been a flurry of activity: packing, cleaning, finishing, last minute paperwork, handing out over fifty photos of my face, saying see you later, and eating rice. It has been full of the last time (at least for a long time) I will:

Eat San Choco in Mamapujan Viejo
Hang out with my nieces

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Shop at the local store
Be with the Seeders in Sincelejo (I love you guys!)

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Attend meetings at Sembrandopaz
Cook in my little kitchen

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Walk the road to Mampujan Viejo

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Make cake with the jovenes

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Take part in Coastal soccer fervor
Collect rain water

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Meet with the community leaders
Take pictures of people taking picture of Mampujan (documentation)
Joke with Ricardo
Hold babies
Anna with a baby
So, you may ask, how do I feel? I am still processing all of that, and will be for a very long time. This has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. Part of me is full of an overwhelming sense of relief- I did it! And I don’t have to do it anymore! I’m ready for life to be a little bit easier. But I am also so thankful for the chance to live here and experience what I did. It was hard, but I am (hopefully) a better person for it, thanks to this little community. So Mampujan, this is not goodbye, this is see you later. Hasta luego!

(Now, back to packing!)

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