Sunday on the Septima

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June 2014 159The Septima is one of my favourite places in Bogota. Every Sunday, the street down to the centre comes alive with performers, vendors, llamas and even guinea pigs. The excitement is quadrupled when seen through the eyes of Costeños, however.  A group of youth leaders from the Alta Moñtana came to the city for the very first time, for an exchange with youth from the south of Bogota, and I got the privilege of spending Sunday on the Septima with them. I left the Coast a year ago, so it was only fitting to celebrate and remember all of the things I love about my old home, in my new one, a year later. It was sheer joy!

June 2014 054
When with Costeños, one does not only listen to the street preformers, one must dance along!


June 2014 071
Breaking out of Bogota black by holding colourful pants day! Living in Bogotá, I forget how seriously we take ourselves in the city. Sunday was a chance to slow down and laugh at urban life, while reflecting on our differences and similarities.
June 2014 137
Like many Colombians, conflict and lack of options have caused families to become separated. Many move to the capital to seek work. On Sunday, some of the youth got to visit with family members they had not seen for a long time.
June 2014 149
Father and daughter reunion.

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June 2014 197
Ordering tea- after all, this was their first time experiencing cold weather and Bogotá cuisine!
June 2014 222
And one last snack.
Come back soon!
Come back soon!

The last time I was with many of these young people was during the non-violent march and the planning leading up to it, when some of these youth served as my guide to the Montes de Maria.There is a saying in Bogota that goes something like this: “We might not have a beach, but at least we have ciclo-via (pedestrian only streets on Sunday).” I still don’t think it is quite the same, but I am grateful that I got to share part of what makes the city special with an even more special group of people, who continue to bring their energy to working for change on the Coast.


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