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I allow myself

Because it is Monday morning. Because it is the end of national poetry month, which should really be international poetry month. Because in a world of earthquakes and other atrocities, moments of coffee and street gazing are sacred. I allow myself by Dorothea Grossman I allow myself the luxury of breakfast (I am no nun,

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The Singular and Cheerful Life

The singular and cheerful life of any flower in anyone’s garden or any still unowned field- if there are any- catches me by the heart, by its color by its obedience to the holiest of laws: be alive until you are not… those princes of everything green- the grasses of which there are truly an

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Traveling Light

Traveling Light by Linda Pastan I’m only leaving you for a handful of days, but it feels as though I’ll be gone forever— the way the door closes behind me with such solidity, the way my suitcase carries everything I’d need for an eternity of traveling light. I’ve left my hotel number on your desk,

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