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Talking about Violence and Blood Pressure

It turns out my dad is allergic to Bogota. What was supposed to be a relaxing Christmas vacation, therefore, filled with hiking, coffee and urban exploration morphed into Anna’s Grand Clinic Tour of Colombia, Christmas 2015, complete with ambulance rides and blood pressure machines. Thankfully, after various tests to determine if anything was wrong with

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Noche de las Velitas, #4

Last night was my fourth Noche de las Velitas (Night of the Little Candles). Lighting candles to welcome Mary on her journey to Bethlehem, and thus officially starting the Christmas season, is one of my favourite Colombian traditions. My first Noche de las Velitas, after living in Mampujan for two months, was completely new to

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Christmas Shadows

Throughout the Americas, Christmas is celebrated with lights. In Bogota, we light candles in the street and decorate the parks with florescent strings in semi-unrecognizable shapes. In northern Mexico, elaborate life size nativities and candy canes shine in the night. In Canada, we hang our trees with lights and drape garlands over our windows, shining

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