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Truth and Reconciliation

Before coming to Colombia, I spent a summer working with an Aboriginal women’s group in the Yukon. I thought I knew things, but one of the greatest lessons I learnt was how little I actually did. As I researched and read, I learnt more deeply about the realities of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, colonialism,

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Preparation and Manipulation of Alimentation

Going to school with Juana Alicia is always an adventure. Juana Alicia is a community leader in Mampuján and also teaches what we would call home-economics but here is called Preparation and Manipulation of Alimentation in the neighbouring community of San Pablo. I am, by the way, a famous person in San Pablo because I

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Reconciliation, Education, and the UN Decleration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

This is a piece I wrote for my internship at the Christian Reformed Centre  for Public Dialogue this winter. The original is here. Enjoy, and check out other articles available on Mobile Justice. If you are interested in learning more about the challenges facing Indigenous peoples in Canada, check out Mythperceptions, a great MCC site!

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