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Truth and Reconciliation

Before coming to Colombia, I spent a summer working with an Aboriginal women’s group in the Yukon. I thought I knew things, but one of the greatest lessons I learnt was how little I actually did. As I researched and read, I learnt more deeply about the realities of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, colonialism,

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Political Acts of Peace

I was invited to share with Langley Mennonite Fellowship for Peace Sunday. Here are some of my thoughts. Forgiveness and kindness are political acts of peace, which I have had the privilege to witness in Colombia over the past two years. For many, especially in Colombia, the Montes de Maria region of the Caribbean coast

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Reconciliation, Education, and the UN Decleration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

This is a piece I wrote for my internship at the Christian Reformed Centre  for Public Dialogue this winter. The original is here. Enjoy, and check out other articles available on Mobile Justice. If you are interested in learning more about the challenges facing Indigenous peoples in Canada, check out Mythperceptions, a great MCC site!

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