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Peace in the Street and the Time of Yellow Butterflies

The Justapaz office is adorned with yellow butterflies. On cubicle dividers, windows, walls and doors, they were the first thing I noticed when I walked inside this week, along with quote from the ever famous Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Tell Mauricio Babilonia to let loose the yellow butterflies in Macondo; the war is over.” My heart

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Signs of the Times

“The barrenness of the poetic task: as if every day we look out at a courtyard of rubble and from this are required to make something beautiful.” – Theodore Roethke, quote found on the ever lovely Calm Things blog. For lunch sometimes, I go to a vegetarian restaurant near my office. The food is okay,

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Political Persecution and the Power of Labels

IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog post is my lived experience and interpretation of the situation and not the official action alert nor the official position of Sembrandopaz or MCC. Political persecution sounds like something out of those political intrigue novels full of stock characters I used to devour in middle school. Life is an adventure and

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