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Disarmament and the Avocado

The mood in the Bogota plaza was more sombre than excited during the ceremony marking the FARC’s final disarmament. There were a few balloons, flags, and the vegetable mandala folks, but everything felt muted in the face of uncertainty. Recent judicial decisions have challenged the government’s ability to rapidly implement the accords. Social leaders continue

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

I went home to the Yukon for my brother´s wedding last week. Throughout the entire 30 hour trip there and back, I was fist-bumped, the centre of heated conversations over multiple rows of seats in airplanes, given high fives in the Dominican Republic airport, was flirted with by flight attendants like never before, and hundreds

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The Peacebuilding Olympics

Not for the soft of heart or weak of form, the Peacebuilding Olympics are a challenging competition that draws on only the best development practitioners and their body of knowledge to compete for global change, social justice and sustainable development, both as a team and individually, one community or region at a time. Judges follow

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