Christmas and Other Deep-fried Foods

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December is the month of the family here in Mampuján. Half of the original members of the community live outside of the community, because of better employment further away, but the majority come back in December to enjoy the holidays with their families. The dynamic of the community changes dramatically- people become more laid-back, laugh more, drink more beer and go to the creek every day. It is time for sharing stories, for remembering the past, and looking forward to the future.

It was very special for me to get to experience this in a personal way, with the visit of my own family from faraway. It was also great to experience Colombia in two different styles- first the more laid-back and drink coffee style with my Aunt Doris and Uncle Dave and then the explore-rural-Colombia style of my parents and sister and brother-in-law.

Here are some highlights, in no particular order:

-mud volcano “it’s not what you expected-don’t worry, you’ll be fine”
-personality type analysis over many cups of coffee or tea or other
-Christmas with the Seeders in Sincelejo
-multiple monkey sightings- I had been waiting my whole life for that moment!
-sharing my way of life and the places that I now call home, from the urban to the rural with my family.
-the hospitality and eagerness of the Colombians and the Seeders on the Coast that we visited to welcome us and to share their lives with us.
-the beach
-conversations about the reality of Colombia
-sleeping in hammocks, only to awaken covered in bat droppings- the next night, we tried to sleep with our mouths closed.
-holding the world’s largest and cutest baby ever
-random things from Canada- maple syrup, tea, safety pins, peanut butter, curry paste, a blown glass ornament to remind me of snow
-laughing, sharing and creating new memories
-double deep fried eggs
-practicing photography
-riding a horse and not falling off! (thanks Larisa)
-making soup with Dorca, starting with catching and then killing the chicken
-joking with Pastor Wilman
-motorcycle, boat, chiva, jeep and bus rides, including an epic Maria-la-Baja bus adventure
-eating pasta salad made with deep fried noodles (it’s a long story)
-hiking to beautiful waterfalls and beaches
-huge accordions (this could also be a lowlight, as they played all night Christmas Eve)
-potato chips and beer for dinner at the local hotel at the gas station
-visiting the Sembrandopaz farm
-coming home and sleeping in my own bed.

Thanks for coming everybody! I’m so glad you did!

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