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Talking about Violence and Blood Pressure

It turns out my dad is allergic to Bogota. What was supposed to be a relaxing Christmas vacation, therefore, filled with hiking, coffee and urban exploration morphed into Anna’s Grand Clinic Tour of Colombia, Christmas 2015, complete with ambulance rides and blood pressure machines. Thankfully, after various tests to determine if anything was wrong with

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Revolutions and other things in 2015

like jumping off a cliff the lip of the mountain into the roiling volcano below & find there among the lit up bleached bones & smoke & ash a narrow opening through solid stone into another world expanding rapidly into rooms & more rooms filled with laughter & feasting & song the transformed heart of

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Donuts and Mining: Canadian Elections, Trade, and Foreign Policy

I was in a grocery store in a small Colombian city the other day, hoping against hoping to find the elusive holy grail of imports: cheddar cheese. While I did not find any cheese, what I did come across was even more unlikely. There, in the middle of the bakery section, were stacks of boxed

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