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The Chaos, the Grace and the Just Plain Weird: Normal life in Mampuján.

As I prepare to leave in just under a month (yikes!), I am trying to enjoy, or at least recognize, the frantic chaos, the moments of grace, and the just plain weird that encapsulate this community. Here are some examples: Frantic Chaos: Mampuján is generally in a state of chaos, but this week has been

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Attention to non-Attention/ Atención a no-Atención

Español abajo The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, finally visited Mampuján last month. I unfortunately had another meeting elsewhere, so wasn’t able to attend, but from what I have gathered, it was a spectacular flurry of government self-congratulations. T-shirts were liberally distributed, thanking the government on the front, and on the back declaring boldly

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